Why You Need CauseDRIVEN Marketing In Your Corner

In the ever-expanding digital world, things can get pretty overwhelming. There’s a website to keep in tip top shape, an email campaign that should be utilized to the best audience, social media that thrives on engagement, and even an app that needs to be consistently updated and maintained for a great user experience. Did that sentence stress you out? At CauseDRIVEN Marketing, powered by Paperless Transactions, we pride ourselves on keeping our main goal about you. We strive to continually uphold our mission of elevating your cause. That means getting your organization in the front and center vision of your target audience and clients.

Today, we break down why it is so important to have a marketing-forward company like CauseDRIVEN Marketing in your corner. That means let us drive your digital marketing strategies, tools, and campaigns all while keeping your organization on the forefront of audience engagement.

Website Builder

Our website builder is the key facet to making a flawless digital experience for your customers from the very first page load. Website builders come in many shapes and forms. They can range from being very easy to highly difficult, with prices ranging in the extremes. CauseDRIVEN Marketing’s website builder is built into your package and ready to go on day one. Our website builder thrives with widgets that help power each webpage with versatility. Every key page is driven with engaging information and user-friendly design aspects. Is your organization needing a website checkup? Check out our previous blog highlighting the importance of a great website - RIGHT HERE.  

App Builder

Stepping into the world of mobile apps can be daunting. Rarely is it easy to just dream up the concept of what you want in your app and have it ready to go the next day. There’s a lot of planning, coding, and troubleshooting that goes into the app development process from the ground up. Not to mention hiring a team of developers to make it possible to navigate the hurdles and hoops or getting your app approved on major app sites. With CauseDRIVEN Marketing, that headache is nonexistent when creating a great mobile app that your customers will love and continually use when supporting your mission! Just like the website builder, our app builder is built into the CauseDRIVEN Marketing packages. Simply provide us with your app credentials and our team will build a fully responsive app that goes beyond your website to provide a great user experience.

Digital Marketing

What comes to mind when you think of digital marketing? For some, it is an encapsulated term for advertising. For others, it is an umbrella term for all marketing tools specifically used in the digital space: blogs, emails, social media, ads, searches, etc. When it comes to CauseDRIVEN Marketing and your digital marketing vision, we specialize in making sure your organization is marketed well in the digital space. For us, it is every tool we can use in order to put your organization at the top of SEO, in front of every social media content gallery, and in the eyesight of your current and future customers.

CauseDRIVEN Marketing goes at length to study your organization’s best assets, current traffic, and potential leads. Here’s a quick summary of what we bring to the table. We focus on Growth Driven Design principles: Minimize risk – let the data dictate ongoing design decisions (don't make decisions based on trends), continuously learn and improve – sites are not static and design can be dynamic based on data, and inform marketing and fundraising – take findings from the design & inbound process and leverage them within.

Organic Blog Creation

Our biggest advice for your digital marketing goals is to never neglect your blog. A website’s blog is the doorway to your organization. Some of your traffic will come from organic searches with many search engines. Then there’s the traffic that is generated through word-of-mouth and social media. Writing engaging blogs can help drive new clients to your cause if you are touching on something that may seem unrelated to your organization’s main mission. Yet, that blog post could speak right to someone that is on a buyer’s journey, needing what you are selling. Blogs can help inform, educate, and upsell your products and services. Take the blogging opportunity to make sure your company shines. You can read more about our in-depth guidelines on creating attractional and worthwhile blogs EVERYTIME - RIGHT HERE

All of these tools you read about today are ready for you and your organization! Don’t hesitate to SCHEDULE A CALL TODAY with CauseDRIVEN Marketing and let us help you elevate your cause!