Why We Love Serving Non-Profits & Churches

At Paperless Transactions, we are proud to serve non-profits and churches. Over the last 20 years, we have continually refined our offerings in order to to help organizations fulfill their missions through providing efficient payment processing and cutting-edge event management and fundraising software.

We would be unable to help our clients reach their goals if it were not for the dedicated individuals who make up Paperless. Our team took some time to explain why they are so passionate about helping ministries and non-profits grow.

George Reich, President and CEO

"It's rare to serve God in the business world as we do at Paperless. We are businessmen born with a God given desire to excel, to provide for our families and the satisfaction of a race well run. To do all of those things while helping spread the Gospel cannot be matched in any way. It's our duty and responsibility to give of ourselves to our clients so that their job is easier and more effective. May God bless the work of our hands and those of the people we touch."

Micah Hobart, Chief Operating Officer

"It's a real blessing to have worked with churches, ministries, and charitable organizations of all shapes and sizes throughout the United States. We're growing and there is an incredible opportunity that remains as we get deeper and deeper into serving ministries with payments and technology."

Patrick Moraw, VP of Sales and Marketing

"After having served as a pastor, community leader, and non-profit founder, I humbly follow my calling at Paperless to come alongside churches/organizations that I believe in both personally and professionally. There is no greater joy than knowing that we at Paperless can play a part in helping support the Great Commission and bringing communities of people together.


Bobby Hestand, VP of Technology

"Serving charities and ministries through technology and advancement is a true honor and joy."

Bryce Johnston, Marketing Manager

"The thing that I love most about working with non-profits and ministries is seeing their mission/goals carried out and knowing that we had a hand in helping do that."

Zach Zimmerman, Account Manager
"I love getting to work with non-profits and ministries because I have a passion for helping others and love working with people. I love having the opportunity to help equip people and ministries to better serve others."

Shawna Stinson, Accounting
"I love working for Paperless because it is a loving and serving company. I love the structure and opportunity the company has to offer churches and fundraising programs the funds needed to provide and help serve the community."

James Payne, Design Manager
"I love working with non-profits and ministries because it gives me a chance to serve the people that devote their lives to serving others. After 7 years in youth ministry I know how difficult it can be and I am overjoyed to do anything I can to make it easier."

Atif Hussain, Software Engineer
"Serving these charities and causes brings joy to my heart. I enjoy software development that serves the end goal of advancing the mission of our organizations."

We're proud to serve all of our clients, from small start-up churches to large, established non-profits. Say thanks to our team and let us know how we can continue to serve your organization by leaving us a review on Google.

From all of us at Paperless, thanks for 20 successful years. We look forward to continuing to serve your organization and helping you further your mission.