Website Builder Will Keep Your Nonprofit Efficient and Prosperous

Your nonprofit already works hard to collect donations and channel that money into the mission you have set out to serve. What a nonprofit should not have to do is work hard to keep your online presence efficient and current using a complicated website design system. 


Paperless Transactions’ Website Builder is here to save the day. We realize that you have unique needs as a nonprofit and most likely don’t have a team of tech experts on staff keeping your website up and running. We also know that you need different functionality with a website than for-profit organizations. 


To get these needs met, meet Website Builder. Only the Paperless Website Builder uniquely leverages growth-driven web design and inbound persona-based marketing concepts to specifically and exclusively help nonprofits and churches build a more effective "donor-raising" website. Combined with our expert tech and design support, Website Builder is the essential tool your nonprofit needs to make its web presence powerful.

Moving Donations Online

The rate of donating money online has only grown over the years. Studies show that online giving has only grown with every year. In 2017 alone, the rate of online donating grew by 12%. In fact, 54% of donors worldwide prefer to give charitable contributions online using a credit card. Reasons for this vary, but largely this preference is due to the automation of receipting with the use of technology.


So the question becomes: Is your nonprofit doing everything in its power to take advantage of these trends? 


The donor conversion rate and average gift amount goes up even more when you personalize the donor's website experience.  Donors respond to stories and projects that they're emotionally and mentally invested in; donors want to feel like they're playing a part in making "change" happen when they donate.  The Paperless Website Builder makes it easy for nonprofits to personify the "donor ask" in such a way that the donor gets more connected to the nonprofit's mission which in turn increases donations to apply to that mission. 

Personalizing Web Content to Inspire Support

Another way Paperless Website Builder addresses the unique needs of a nonprofit is by providing customized content that will appeal to your audience and make them donors. Most website builders offer drag-and-drop content tools, but they lack in the area of customizing and personalizing the "event" of a visitor coming to your website.  


With the Paperless Website Builder, the website can display personalized content that will be curated based upon these types of website visitor attributes: the visitor's device type, the visitor's location, the time of day that the visitor visits the website, the number of times the visitor has landed on the site, or based on the visitor clicking on a specific landing "Campaign URL" page.  What would have to be "custom-coded" to work with most website builders, is a few clicks away from now being made possible with the Paperless Website Builder!


All the Power, None of the Special Training

We understand that nonprofits are often powered solely by volunteers. With Paperless Website Builder, we have eliminated the need to keep specially trained tech experts on staff. Website Builder gives you easy functionality combined with top-notch tech support. Let us provide all the support you need to make sure your website is engaging and functional. With drag and drop options that allow you to update content with ease, your website will look like it’s been designed by a web pro.


Paperless Website Builder also offers comprehensive analytics that allow you to easily see how your website is performing in a number of areas. The Paperless Website Builder & Platform tracks virtually every type of visitor event or interaction from the visitor's device, to the source of website traffic and all the way through to form responses and donations made.  Using the Site Statistics dashboard, you can see how the website is performing and you can even add in more advanced user metrics that tie into Google Analytics, Google AdWords Tracking, Google Tag Manager, or Facebook Pixel. Ultimately, Paperless Transactions wants to ensure that each website is performing optimally so our Account Management team will work with you to help optimize website performance and maximize donor conversions.


Paperless Transactions has your nonprofit’s needs and wants in mind with every step of the process. Now all that’s left for you is to schedule a demo so you can see how much power your nonprofit can have online with little technological expertise. Contact one of our experts today and let us show you how!