The Top 5 Text Message Fundraising Platforms for Easier Mobile Giving

In today’s world, text messaging is more popular than traditional phone calls and emails. In fact, text messages have a 94% open rate, while only 20% of emails are opened, making a text almost 5 times as likely to be read. In addition, most Americans would rather receive a text than a phone call, according to a recent study by Informate.

Because of the immense popularity of texting, nonprofit organizations and churches across the world are beginning to adopt more mobile giving methods to cater to cell phone users. “Text-to-Donate” or “Text-to-Give” platforms are becoming an increasingly popular way of attracting new and diverse donors.

If you are interested in providing text donation capabilities for your donors, you will need to do some investigating before choosing the right software. Which platform is best for your organization? Find out now by learning about each of the top five providers of text donation platforms for nonprofits and churches.


Paperless Transactions is one of the leading providers of text donation campaign services. Text2Donate, the Paperless text donation platform, allows you to segment your group text donation campaigns by donor groups so that you can appeal to multiple, distinct fundraising bases. You can also send unique correspondences to different donor groups and enable them to see select giving options.

In addition, Paperless Transactions allows you to send personalized receipts to your donors and helps you capture more donors at fundraising events through the use of unique call-to-actions and announcements. Text2Donate also offers recurring giving options and receives an average donor conversion rate of 60%. All mobile giving pages through the Paperless Text2Donate platform are responsive and will render to the device’s screen size, making it easier for people to donate via text.

Paperless Transactions also offers several other donation management capabilities so that all of your fundraising efforts can be seamlessly integrated with one another in an affordable package. Paperless does its own payment processing, eliminating the need for a third party processor and resulting in discounted processing fees for nonprofit and faith-based organizations. If you’re looking for a whole suite of donor management solutions, Paperless could be your best option.

mypledger logo

MyPledger focuses on helping organizations receive donations throughout the full fundraising life-cycle.

MyPledger automates your text, email, and phone call messaging to deliver your messaging to the right people across the right channels at the right time. The company offers robust reporting and metrics and is cloud-based and scalable, making it easy to access from anywhere and for any size of organization. MyPledger also offers consultation services from experienced fundraising professionals.

The difference from other options on this list though is that MyPledger is a pledging platform as opposed to a mobile donation platform. MyPledger’s services encourage donations and can implement drip campaigns to remind people to donate, but potential donors will still need to go online and finish the donation process. If your organization runs a lot of pledging campaigns, MyPledger can be a good solution that provides you with automated donor reminders.

give by cell logo

Give by Cell is one of the largest providers of mobile giving services. Its three main fundraising tools, Mobile Give, Mobile Donate, and Mobile Pledge, are designed to increase donor engagement by offering mobile platforms for donation and pledging. Give by Cell also offers mobile friendly websites and SMS text alert capabilities so that donors can easily access information about your organization.

Give by Cell has over 2,500 clients across the country, ranging from schools and universities to health and environmental initiatives to political organizations. In addition, the company offers a unique fundraising thermometer that you can use to show fundraising goal progress at your live events. Give by Cell is perfect for larger organizations that do a lot of event-based fundraising.

qgiv logo

Qgiv focuses on providing fundraising solutions for nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and political groups. It offers a suite of customizable solutions to collect donations and set up events. In addition, Qgiv provides a solution for peer-to-peer fundraising. However, Qgiv’s prices can be high because they charge a base fee per transaction plus a percentage.

Qgiv’s mobile donation sites are fully responsive and customizable. The system also allows for recurring giving setup and provides you with custom donor reporting. If you’re looking for a system that will let donors raise money for you, this could be the right choice.

atpay logo

@Pay offers easy to use and secure text-to-give services that integrate with all major payment processors (including Paperless Transactions). The solution works by asking donors to text their donation amount to a custom phone number, then by sending donors a link to click which will automatically draft an email from the donor confirming their donation. All the donor has to do is press send.

Donors only need to enter their basic information once, even when donating multiple mobile campaigns. They can easily set up recurring gifts and donate across devices. @Pay is great for organizations that are just getting started with mobile fundraising.

We believe these are the top five text donations platforms in the industry, but are confident in our ability to provide you with the most cost-effective and fully-integrated system possible. If your organization is looking for a mobile giving platform, Paperless Transactions has many online and mobile giving packages available that are fully customizable to suit your needs. We look to create valuable partnerships and further your organization’s mission through the use of innovative donor management systems that are accessible from all devices. Sign up for a demo today to see how Paperless can help your organization.