Put Your Best Foot Forward In Year-End Giving

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The last quarter of the year can be exciting for some, with the back-to-back holidays, but hectic for others. Even as you read this week’s blog, you may still be recovering from the whirlwind that was Thanksgiving, Black Friday, & Giving Tuesday! Let’s talk about Giving Tuesday for instance. Your success of Giving Tuesday can help you leverage your push with year-end giving to your customers and donors!

As we close out this calendar year and approach a holiday season that boasts generosity, people are more inclined to donate financially to causes that add value to communities and groups specifically tailored to this season. So how can you be on the forefront of making sure your current donors know what your mission is during this holiday season and future clients can easily buy-in to your organization’s vision?


Refocus Your Marketing

Think of each month as a fresh start with your marketing concept. In order to be effective for December, your marketing items should revolve around closing out the year strong! To make the month even better, there are a multitude of campaigns to champion your marketing strategies: Christmas, Year-End, Holiday Season Giving, Charitable Drives, etc. Your marketing should always come in the form of emails, social media, blogs, and ads. But the key is to FOCUS, or rather REFOCUS, on one campaign to drive home to your customers. That way there is only one thing on their mind when it comes to your organization. 

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Refresh Your Website

You’ll notice a trend with our blogs - your website. It is the cornerstone to everything digital. In order to reach your current donors and potential customers, your website should be an easily navigable experience. Take a moment to refresh yourself on our previous blog discussing best website practices. Especially in this season, don’t clutter your website with unnecessary columns, blocks, or rows that don’t emphasize your main campaign! Research shows that you have 5 seconds at the time a website visitor lands on your page for them to know what you are all about before they hop off the page. Spotlight your year-end or holiday campaign at the top of the page. 

Even better, make a non-scrollable full-view landing page for this season that drives the vision of your year-end campaign. Keep in mind, it is always best practice to leave your main navigation intact with a fullscreen landing page. This gives even more opportunity for website visitors to stay planted on your page and find out more about you and your organization. If you don’t read anything else, understand this - don’t be afraid to put your year-end campaign on center stage as we close out this calendar year! 

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Retrain Your Website Tools

Along the lines of your website are your website and marketing tools. Not only do you need to make sure your website is focusing on your big campaign but your tools should be making your life easier in providing help to you and your donors. Now is a perfect time to make sure all your digital tools are updated and implemented to assist in driving your year-end campaign. Plug-ins that work for your website, emails, and social media are great tools that work for you and give great insight to trends that benefit your organization’s marketing efforts. 

One tool that we especially like is the Hotjar Website Heatmap Tool - https://www.hotjar.com/website-heatmap-tool/. This tool provides worthwhile information into where your website visitors interact with your page, how far they scroll, what they look at or ignore. Not only does Hotjar’s tool provide a great user experience for you, but the company boasts user privacy to protect your website’s information. Finally, using A/B testing during this season for your emails and social media provides a beneficial roadmap for your marketing strategies. A/B testing, or split testing, is simply the act of running tests with different variables on each subject. For instance, You can conduct an email campaign that sends out an email at two different times (i.e: morning & evening) in order to gain a better understanding of your donor’s email habits. Perhaps more emails are read in the morning rather than the evening? This valuable information helps tailor your campaign for a greater return on investment. Emails and social media outreaches might not cost you financially, but keep in mind that time is also money as well and you want to best utilize your time for the greatest ROI.

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