How to Turn Your Event Attendees Into Recurring Donors

Studies show that the most successful organizations focus their fundraising efforts on recurring giving and recurring donations bring in a steady source of funding. Here are three tips to turning your one-time event attendees into recurring donors for potentially years to come.

 Track Attendee Data

Creating an Event Registration Page allows you to collect data from event ticket purchases and donations. Our registration pages support ticketing, sponsorships, one-time donations, and recurring giving. All registrant/transaction data is accessible via PTC’s Virtual Terminal. Fields are customizable to designate donor and campaign related data that can be used to segment future marketing communications to potential recurring donors.

Give the Option to Enroll

Supply opportunities for recurring giving in all your messaging to potential donors and event attendees. Make sure recurring giving is an option during event registration, in email receipts, and in text, email and social media communications. All Paperless’ solutions allow you to set up recurring giving options. Simply providing a recurring giving option could convert a one-time donor into a recurring donor.

Express Your Gratitude

Thank your donors for their attendance and the impact they are making. Follow up with them after the event with goals achieved, stories and photos. PTC’s Email Receipts are completely customizable and can include graphics, embedded video and text tailored to a specific event. Personalized acknowledgements foster healthy donor relationships and could impact a decision to become a recurring contributor.

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