How to Run a Successful Fundraising Event

Running an event is not an easy task. There are many details to juggle in the planning and execution of an event and it can all be overwhelming. Here are three tips to help you run a successful event and alleviate the stress of event planning. 

1. Define What You Want to Accomplish

Set measurable goals and determine your audience, mission and budget for the event. Define what calls to action you need from your attendees, from buying tickets to purchasing items such as food or promotional products. Create a webpage to inform potential attendees and donors. Paperless’ event pages are mobile friendly, available with custom CSS design and allow you to host all events on one centralized page.

2. Digitize Your Registration Process

Selling tickets is easy through PTC’s event system. By creating a registration page, you don’t need to maintain paper records, each registrant gets a digital receipt that is scannable and you receive reporting that you can use for event check-in. To provide on-site registration or accept donations at the event, PTC makes it easy with mobile card readers and allowing donors to give straight from their phones with Text2Donate. 

3. Go Mobile with Communication

Paperless can provide you the latest Mass Text Alert technology, allowing you to effectively communicate with hyper-targeted groups and quickly get updates to your attendees. Connect with your attendees everywhere they go with your own custom mobile app. Deliver real-time push notifications to all of your mobile app subscribers to announce fundraising goals, send specific calls-to give and post event follow up messages.


Take the next step in running a successful event and download our guide to selecting a comprehensive event platform. Learn today why you need much more than just a registration page!