The Formula for Raising More Money at Your Non-Profit Events

Most organizations understand the basics of fundraising, but only the exceptional are unable to unlock thousands more in potential donations. And while you probably host events in order to raise more money for your cause, you likely don’t realize that you are missing out on a lot more fundraising dollars.

So how do you raise more money at your non-profit’s events? More importantly, how do you do it while remaining authentic?

If you can consistently execute great events that entertain guests while spreading your message and encouraging involvement, your non-profit will end up raising much more money. Follow this simple formula to help you do just that:

Presell event tickets + Provide an option for recurring giving + Promote with online drivers + Follow up = $$

Presell Event Tickets

Preselling tickets to your fundraising event a few months or weeks in advance can boost awareness of your event, which in turn will promote ticket purchases and increase the amount you raise. By increasing the number of opportunities to donate (since there are more days someone is able to buy a ticket) you will reach more donors, which will show in the final amount raised. Our Page Builder tool lets you set up a customized registration page in advance, accept all types of payment, provide event ticketing and confirm registration with your donors.

Provide an Option for Donors to Enroll in Recurring Giving

Studies show that the most successful non-profit organizations focus their fundraising efforts on implementing recurring giving as a key part of their overall fundraising strategy. By offering a recurring giving option to your donors, you are able to turn a one-time event attendee into a recurring donor for potentially years to come. Paperless allows you to setup recurring giving options for your donors.

Promote Your Event Online to Drive Donations

If no one hears about your event, how can you expect anyone to attend? In today’s world, raising money involves more than word-of-mouth. Increased giving requires digital promotion of your events, whether it is via social media, email or your non-profit’s own app. At Paperless we offer a suite of solutions that allow you to drive donations to your cause by promoting your event, like Text2Donate, Mass Text Alert Campaigns, Integrated Email Giving Campaigns and your own Mobile App.

Follow Up with Your Donors to Ensure They Keep Coming Back

Your donors need to feel appreciated for attending your event. Follow up with them to thank them for their contribution to your cause and further your relationship with them. Encourage them to continue donating to your organization and attending your events in the future. You may even give them a heads up of what is next on your calendar so that they can begin planning. You can use the PTC Custom Email Receipting tool to personally thank your event attendees, explain how their gift will make an impact and remind them of other opportunities to give. You can also set up custom text response messages so that attendees can check in to your event quickly via text and then receive further instruction or other information from you.

By following this formula, your non-profit should experience expanded outreach and increased giving.

Paperless Transactions can help your organization reach more donors, drive donations and further your cause. Our suite of solutions is backed by a core of cost-effective payment processing and an integrated donor management system that lets you manage fundraising efforts from start to finish. Schedule a demo to start your first campaign with Paperless today.